Sydney Homes Prior to 2003

Any home or other building that was built in Sydney or anywhere else in Australia, prior to 2003 could present a health risk due to asbestos being used in some of the building materials. Asbestos has been used as an additive in construction materials since the 1800s but it was only in the later 1900s that its presence in construction materials presented a potential health hazard. It was later still, in 2003, that the Australian Government banned its use for construction purposes.

Although initially these asbestos additives do not constitute a health hazard as the materials they are placed in are stable but, as those materials are disturbed or damaged in any way, they start to dispel the asbestos fibers in the form of dust. This dust can be easily inhaled and when it is, it is then that it becomes a hazard to health. The asbestos fibers may reach the lungs after inhalation and if they do they cannot be removed. In time, perhaps a couple of years, those fibers stuck in the lungs start to help develop mesothelioma or cancer which can of course be very serious, leading to death in many cases.

As it is when the construction materials are damaged in any way that they become a hazard, the demolition of these buildings now has to be done very carefully, avoiding the hazardous asbestos fibers being released into the atmosphere. Demolition companies are now therefore training their staff in the correct ways to deal with asbestos materials or instead are hiring companies like that specialize in the testing for, removal of and safe disposal of asbestos contaminated materials.

Although in general terms they are all called asbestos, there are in fact several different types of asbestos and each of those types may present different, yet similar, health hazards. The different types of asbestos include; Chrysotile, Crocidolite, Amosite, Tremolite, Actinolite and Anthophyllite and although only half of them were physically added to construction materials to make them more insular against heat and sound, the other half can also be present as contaminants. The specialist companies are aware of each of these different types of asbestos and are also aware of the different hazards each can potentially present. They therefore test for specific types and then remove and dispose of them accordingly.

In Australia, as the use of asbestos in construction materials was banned, any building constructed after 2003 should be clear of any asbestos hazards however, any building which was constructed prior to that, could have a potential health risk associated with asbestos. These companies are now becoming very popular in being hired to test the potential hazard abuilding built before 2003 may present. If required, having reported their findings, they can then be hired to remove the asbestos hazards and dispose of them safely in a manner prescribed by both national and local authorities. Asbestos is now known to be a huge health hazard and should be removed from buildings where ever possible.