Hotel and Accommodation

The Canary Islands are a popular tourist destination with a nice climate and beautiful beaches. One of the most popular islands in the group is Lanzarote which for decades has seen thousands of tourists from Germany, the UK and other northern European countries visiting it by the plane load. Lanzarote and the other Canary Islands, Majorca and other Spanish islands plus the coast of mainland Spain have long been among the favourite holiday destinations for these northern European countries as the prices are relatively cheap compared to their own countries and the fact that travel agents book the hotels in bulk and charter planes makes them affordable for most.

In recent years however, Lanzarote has made inroads to making their island less of the traditional mass tourism destination by making it more eco-friendly and perhaps more chic and are having a noticeable effect in doing so. Although mass tourism does still exist to the island and it is doubtful that the island will become the next Maldives in terms of luxury or the next Monte Carlo in terms of glitz and glamour, it is still starting to be able to offer tourists a choice from what they have traditionally been used to, large impersonal hotels and group orientated activities.

Leading the way in these changes is a hotel which has recently opened which gives a wider choice when deciding on your hotel lanzarote vacation. Located only 10km from Lanzarote Airport and 17km from the capital, the La Isla y el Mar is in Puerto del Carmen just 400m from Playa Chica beach and 1km from Playa Grande beach and yet is also only 500m from the shopping center making excellently located for a variety of activities to be ventured on your own without having to rely on the travel company’s itinerary. The hotel which boasts 82 rooms, 6 of which are deluxe suites has a choice of restaurants and its own spa specializing in treatments for couples and local treatments. It does of course have a swimming pool complete with terrace which offers some of the best ocean views on the island.

Many of the other hotels on the island, as they cater to the mass tourism market, have hundreds of rooms and although pleasant enough, lack the sense of a personal touch, something that definitely cannot be said for the La Isla y el Mar. The hotel alone of course does not change the island but it has set an example for which other new hotels on the island can follow and that can make a difference. Up market restaurants appear near the locations of these new hotels as do up market stores and boutiques, giving visitors to the island a different option from the mass tourist venues recommended and proffered by the travel agencies.

It is hoped that the changes will not stop mass tourism to the island but will increase the numbers of individual tourists that like to travel alone or as a family group and find their own attractions.